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Technical Strength



Stamping process and mould surface modeling

Process design and whole process analysis of body parts


CAE Springback Analysis of high strength plate: The influence of Bauschinger is analyzed comprehensively, and the material parameters of each item are revised and perfected by testing the mechanical parameters of materials. Combined with the "springback compensation strategy" formulated, product control - process control - compensation; DP600-DP800-DP980 springback analysis accuracy increased by 20-30%.


Design and analysis of aluminum alloy process: optimize the material model of aluminum alloy analysis of various manufacturers, combine the new process and control the stress of flanging, so that the accuracy of the springback analysis of the aluminum alloy outer plate is greatly improved, the rectify and rectification times are more than 60%, and the adjustment period is compressed for 1-2 months.


Through springback and distortion compensation, pressure, corner avoidance, profile material slug, over-crown, bottom deformation treatment modeling, reduce spotting by bench workers, improve product appearance quality.


Determination of precision improvement scheme by blue light scanning data



 Design and Simulation of full 3D die

The whole structure of the tooling is designed to realize paperless production.

Simulation of die motion

Application of new technology


Laser welding          FDS          SPR

Process and forming analysis of thermoforming parts

Using CAE software to simulate the forming process of thermoforming parts


Using CAE software to simulate the trend of temperature change in the forming process of parts


CAE software is used to analyze martensite content and thinning rate of thermoforming parts.


Analysis of martensite content     Analysis of thinning rate


Using professional software to analyze the design of the die and channel and guide the optimization of the water channel of the die.


Development of interior and exterior decoration of body

Body parts design: mainly includes several major plates, such as modeling design, main section design, ergonomics checking, engineering structure design, etc.

CAS surface design


Main section design


Man-machine engineering


Structural data design

Structure analysis and optimization

MODAL ANALYSIS: CAE is used for modal analysis to verify the reliability of part structure design and to predict design defects in advance for optimal treatment.




Surface stiffness analysis: examining customer perceptions of product stiffness perception






Strength analysis: analysis of stress under extreme conditions.



Thermal deformation analysis: analysis of warpage at high temperature.

Displacement at different temperatures

Die Flow Analysis: Systematically analyze the defects in the process of forming,  and make solutions in advance to cope with the program, improve the pass rate of product test.