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山猫直播官网nbar traditional industrial upgrading

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  China is in the first decade of the strategic construction of manufacturing power. As the main direction of "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing has become a focus of attention of all countries in the world. Turning "made in China" into "created in China" and "Chinese product" into "Chinese brand" are the goals of Pingwei group.
  At 9:00 a.m. on August 28, 2018, Chongqing municipal party secretary Chen min’er, accompanied by the municipal party committee, visited Pingwei Shares to inspect the development of intelligent manufacturing industry.
  Accompanied by Mr.Du Ping, the president of Pingwei Group, Mr.Chen visited our intelligent manufacturing factory site, learned about the basic situation of the automatic production line, product research and development as well as the subsequent development ideas. He also detailed understanding of our intelligent manufacturing automation production line, the key link in intelligent devices, key technology and project characteristics.
  After listening to the introduction, secretary Chen highly affirmed Pingwei Shares in the field of intelligent manufacturing achievements. He stressed that at present, as the reform is entering a crucial period, enterprises are facing new challenges in their development. How to turn "made in China" into "created in China" and seize the global market is a task facing enterprises to achieve industrial optimization and transformation, and intelligent manufacturing takes the lead. As a leading enterprise in Chongqing automobile parts and automobile tools industry, Pingwei takes the lead in accelerating the intelligent process, which has a great promotion effect on the production end application of technical advantages
  Ping Wei Shares will not live up to the expectations of Mr.Chen and other municipal party committee leadership, We will combine the current industrial characteristics and the status of intelligent manufacturing, focus on the development needs of intelligent manufacturing, and constantly innovate the operation mode of intelligent manufacturing platform, Promote industrial transformation and upgrading. from "made in Ping wei" towards "Ping wei intelligent Manufacture", to build "Ping wei" as a beautiful card in Chongqing and even in the field of intelligent manufacturing in China.
  Du ping, The President of Pingwei group, introduced the development progress and later planning of our intelligent manufacturing to secretary Chen
  Secretary Chen has high hopes for the future planning and development of Pingwei shares

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