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Struggle in the first line

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"Notice! Notice! C211 model products will be delivered to 200 sets tomorrow. All staff members are responsible for quality and quantity to fulfill their production tasks. When I and my workmates struggled on the C201 two line day and night, the notice meant that the whole line staff had to give up the weekend break to finish the production task. Why do you say that? Because the C211 product line has not only C211 products, but also C201, C202, C206, S201 and C490 five mature models, the daily production task for the staff on this line is very heavy, every day in the face of huge challenges!
Speaking of the C211 model, I can't help thinking of it from the entrance to the hanging point, to the robot spot welding equipment, to the small batch production. It was one day after the May Day Labor Day holiday. The fixture of the C211 model products entered the production workshop after acceptance. It was a great honor to be assigned to the production line in which I was in charge of trial production. In the sparking splash of the suspension point welding site, the engineer once and again to adjust the state of the product in the fixture, and the workers and engineers in coordination with each other, accurate and accurate completion of each welding requirements, are busy for the common goal...
Day by page, turning, turning eyes, hot hot sun to roast the earth, the heat of the heat, living in the city, the temperature breaking through the forty degrees of high temperature is a common meal. I and my workmates are in the stove like workshop with the heat every day, with the welding tongs of the hands and the engineers to conquer difficult and difficult difficulties. . See! They were still dressed in long sleeved flame-retardant clothes, wearing helmets, wearing heavy goggles on their nose beams, wearing radically breathable leather aprons, thick wrists, and resisting and wearable canvas gloves between the five fingers, and dragging their feet to prevent and wear the wearable leather shoes. The full force is busy on the production line. When working, the welding tongs in the hands are rolling back and down, the razor in the hand shaved the burrs and spatter on each spot, picked up the pencils at each spot and drew the number of Arabia, and made each product complete the homework according to the instructions of the work and put it on the finished material rack, and accepted the inspection of the engineer and the product inspection. Accept. Sweat wet the clothes, sweat on the forehead also forgot to wipe the test, so it blurred their eyes. The sparks flying around them seemed to forget the pain. The work of the day ended, sweat dries up, and the surface of the clothes is thick "salt". The two arms may have been a little sore, but they always have a smile on their faces. It can be seen from the smile that perhaps they can get out of work immediately. Maybe they have attacked several technical difficulties today, or they may have made their own products at last. Busy days make people full, busy days let the people have no time to worry about those annoying things, let people forget trouble, let people see the light, let the people always immerse in the small harvest, experience the joy of small victory.
It is also at this time that the C211 robot spot welding workshop is the transformation of our C201 two production line. This means that there are seven to eight models to share a line of production, and it also means that I and my workmates have to accept a bigger challenge and face all the unknowns. For example, the daily delivery of each model, the deployment of personnel, the frequent replacement of the fixture among the various models, the initial debugging of the equipment, the unknown quality hidden trouble in the production, and a series of problems of the safety hidden danger of the employees themselves. The second hand walked one by one, one week passed, one month passed, and the first quarter passed. In an instant, when winter comes, most people are reluctant to get up to work, are willing to put their hands in their pockets, are willing to sleep in the weekend. There is such a group of lovely people, they do not fear the cold, no matter the day and night in the C211 model production line, and engineers, on-site leaders to discuss and solve a problem after another problem. For example, a part is not good for clamping, a part is easy to leak, a welding point is twisted and burr, a nut hole is covered with a hole, a safety grating of a certain station does not play a role, there is no welding action of a part welding equipment on a certain auxiliary fixture, a series of problems such as the unstable quality of a assembly, and so on. At the same time, the C211 model also ushered in the small batch production, waiting for the acceptance of the host plant at all times.
"Notice! Notice! The C211 model will be delivered to 200 units tomorrow, and the batch production will start formally. All production line employees must be put in place on Sunday. " This is the voice of the squad leader. At this point, it marks the acceptance of the test, and more than half a year's efforts have finally been received. Here, I want to tell them a C211 production line, my lovely workmates, you have worked hard!

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