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Skoda (SKODA) visited Chongqing Ping Wei automotive Polytron Technologies Inc

Number of visits: Date:2018-03-08 16:45

In order to further develop the international market, Ping Wei joint-stock company invited two people from Lng.JAKUB SELUCJY and LUKAS RAMBOUSEK, the head of the world famous automobile brand "Skoda (SKODA)" company die and mould factory in September 12th to the Ping Wei joint-stock company to carry on the field investigation.
The two distinguished guests, accompanied by Mr. Hou Changyuan, Mr. Yang Xiaodong, the general manager, and Mr. You Shaowen, the deputy general manager, visited the mold production site, and made a careful inquiry and understanding of the current mould making in the factory. At the same time, the technical staff of Ping Wei shares the technical exchange between the Skoda project and the customer that our company has undertaken. Through this exchange, we not only enhance our understanding of the research and development of the mold, but also let the customers feel the high attention to the quality of the products and the progress of the project. Hou Ping Wei's market development has laid a good foundation.
President Hou expressed sincere thanks to Skoda for his support and help to Ping Wei. He hoped the other party would give him more opinions and suggestions on the process of development. And hope that the cooperation between the two sides will be more in-depth and enjoyable. Skoda customers are full of confidence in Pingwei's development, believe that the future cooperation between the two sides will be closer, and also wish Pingwei better and better development!




SKODA team comes to the site for technical guidance

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