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Introduction for Branch Company

Lianwei Auto Parts (Chongqing) Co.,Ltd

Lian Wei Auto parts (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2004, by the Chongqing Pingwei Auto Science and Technology Co., Ltd and British Samoa Best United Trading Limited. joint venture specializing in R & D , production and manufacturing for auto body structure and outer panel. The main customers are Changan Ford, Changan Shares, Changan SUZUKI, Lifan Group ,Dongfeng Xiaokang, Huachen Xinyuan and Baic Yinxiang, etc.
The company currently has 37 patents and we are the Q1 supplier of Changan Ford . We have won the "excellent supplier" title by Changan Ford, Changan shares, Changan SUZUKI, Lifan, etc, and also since 2011, Lianwei company has won the honorary title "Top 20 Manufacture Company in the North New District of Chongqing" for consecutive years. At the same time. We won the "Chongqing High -tech Enterprise" and "Chongqing Excellent Private Enterprise " since 2013 .

Hangzhou Baowei Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou Bao Wei Auto Parts Co.,Ltd  established in Hangzhou industrial concentration zone in September 2013, it was founded and registered by the Shanghai Baosteel( one of the world's top 500 company) International Economic and Trade Co.,Ltd and Chongqing Pingwei Auto Science and Technology Co.,Ltd Jointly , mainly provide steel manufacture , parts manufacturing and professional products such as JIT delivery and technical services for the production base of Changan Ford Motor Company in Hangzhou , Guangzhou Passenger Cars and Geely Auto ,etc.
Base on the goal of "high starting point, high level",BaoWei company adopt foreign advanced automatic production lines, mainly includes many different specifications of the stamping automatic production line, open-book blanking production line imported from Spain, the robot automatic welding production line, the Swiss laser tailor-welded line, configuration of water-cooled screw air compressor, cooling water system and distribution transformer production and auxiliary equipment, and the Italian HEXAGON high precision measuring instruments, and with information throughout the production to reach the lean production.
With the purpose of innovation, BaoWei company sets up an enterprise R&D center. At present, it has 2 invention patents (one of which is being applied) and 11 practical new-type patents, which can fully improve the material utilization rate and the design and manufacture of punching and welding parts. At the same time, to conform to the high-strength development of automobile board, a branch company was established in Chongqing in July 2016, which introduced Germany's advanced heating furnace hot-stamping production line to produce high-strength hot stamping parts, and carried out intelligent manufacturing projects to achieve a high degree of automation in logistics and production.

Chongqing Pingwei Auto Parts Co.,Ltd

Chongqing Pingwei Auto parts Co.,Ltd was established in 2015. It covers an area of 200 mu and has more than 1000 employees in Gangcheng Industrial Zone of the north district, Chongqing .The company is an automobile interior and exterior trim parts manufacturing enterprises with the integration of strong technical force, set design, R&D and manufacturing, provide the whole car interior and exterior  quality products for major OEM company.
Company hold the domestic auto industry a good opportunity of development innovation, enhance the ability to manufacture and automation equipment, now has advanced injection forming equipment of complete sets of systems and automatic spraying equipment, also the introduction of mold cavity vacuum forming equipment, dashboard laser weakening equipment, airbag deployment lab and supporting facilities, which at the advanced level in the industry. At present, the company has been Chongqing Changan Automobile Company, Changan Ford company and other well-known automobile enterprises core suppliers.
In terms of technology, the company has a city-level technology R&D center and a professional technology R&D team with more than 300 technicians. Now it can complete the design, research and development of automobile parts independently for the whole vehicle interior and exterior decoration and supply in mass production. Besides,  the company has a variety of new technologies and new processes to provide a complete product manufacturing capability for major OEM company. The Research and development cover product modeling design, regulations and man-machine layout, CAD/CAE, project management and control, product development and experiment, etc.
The company's main core products are auto bumper assembly, dashboard, door trim board assembly, column assembly and other high-tech products. There are 51 patents, including 6 invention patents and 45 utility model patents, 17 project products were included in the list of recommended projects of Chongqing technology innovation guidance, 3 products were identified as "" Great New Products of Chongqing in 2016" ". It just because of the company's continuous introduction of new technologies and new processes that makes process of localization of new products is remarkable. We have developed more than one hundred series of high quality products, such as bumper assembly, dashboard, door trim panel assembly and stand column assembly, which have been recognized and praised by Changan and Changan Ford. It not only reduces the cost, grasps the core technology, but also breaks the European market technology monopoly, realizes the localization of automobile interior and exterior decoration, and greatly enhances the company's competitiveness in the industry.

Pingwei Science and Technology(North america)INC.

Ping Wei Science &Tech.(North America) Inc was founded in 2016, which is the R&D center of Chongqing Ping Wei Auto Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Engaged in the vehicle body engineering design, simultaneous engineering, parts development and production support, mold design and manufacturing in the field of auto technical services.
At present the company has sub-centers in Chongqing and Detroit with 20 engineers. Including 8 CAE analysis engineers with analytical skills of plastic, stiffness, modal, noise and CFD collision safety performance; and 12 design engineers with capabilities of auto interior and exterior parts; The rest of employees are project managers and the project development engineers, who are responsible from product development to manufacturing.

Chongqing Huagang Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

Chongqing Huagang Science and Technology Co., Ltd is an overall solutions platform with the integration of 3D printing application research and development, processing services.  The Company was jointly established by Hunan HuaShu high-tech, Chongqing Jiangbei government, Chongqing ping wei group and Chongqing Huaxiong industry.
Chongqing Huagang Science and Technology Co., Ltd adhering to the "3D printing +" concept, to perfectly realize the combination of 3D printing technology with the traditional industry, optimize the production factors, update the business system and reconstruct business Patten. Which provides one-stop solution for 3D printing in the field of automotive, aerospace, military, medical, consume electronics, art design and other industries.
Company established a "polymer complex structure material-increased manufacturing in western national engineering laboratory application demonstration center", the aim is to build the world's leading research and development of 3D printing, technology, application and service team. Including the world-famous 3D printing scientist, Dr Xu Xiaoshu and others senior 3D printing experts and engineers from Germany, the United States, France, the Netherlands and other countries
The company has a world-leading level of 3D printing production system, covering the various and flexible 3D printing solutions in metal、nylon and composite material like carbon fiber. It provides a quick samples、validation testing and small batch production and other service in related industries.
The company Huagang focuses on the application development in the field of industrial manufacturing by 3D printing technology. Assist related enterprises improving its efficiency, reducing its cost, creating more value and to better serve the society. Boosting the “Chinese wisdom-build 2025 strategy” to be implemented in the Midwest, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of china’s industrial economy.More...